The Time Building

Many cities and towns have had large and frightful fires.
“Winnipeg’s Largest Fire” happened June 8th, 1954, in the down town area, on its major avenue during a rain storm with high 100 kilometer winds.

The “Time Building Fire”  was located at 333 Portage Avenue, at the north-west corner of  Hargrave Street.

This fire eventually caused damage of $1,596,210.00 - a very large loss at that time.

Fortunately, no loss of life occurred and the spread of the fire was contained to a relatively small area, due to hard work and skill of the emergency personnel, to limit its extension, (Fire, Police, Hydro, Waterworks, etc.)

This effort extended to personnel from adjacent buildings.  An example was the T. Eaton Company located kitty-corner across Portage Avenue (approximately 150 ft away from the original building), Eaton’s employees created a fire hose water curtain from their roof, down along the face of the Eaton’s; to prevent radiant heat from across the street, from igniting their wooden window frames.

Closer exposed buildings across Hargrave Street suffered extensive damage.

The Dismorr Building (destroyed) and the Norlyn Building (upper floors).

Buildings along the north side of Portage Avenue did suffer smoke and water damage.

 Although the odds are against it, Winnipeg hopes a fire like this one will never happen again.

W. G. Sandison

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