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Chronological lists of some of the apparatus that proudly served the Winnipeg Fire Department.

Thanks to Jack Coulter, Wm. Sandison and Halldor Bjarnason for all their hard work.

The "Alex Logan" - One of the First.

When Winnipeg established a full-time, paid fire department on May 11, 1882, one of the first things the City did was purchase a new Ronald steamer. Built in Brussels, Ontario by John B. Ronald, it had a pumping capacity of 800 gallons per minute (gpm), at a respectable pressure of 120 pounds per square inch (psi). Arriving in the city on June 16, 1882, as in the tradition of the time, it was named after a former Winnipeg Mayor, Alexander B. Logan (1879-1880).

While it was reasonably expensive for it's time - $4500, after a rebuild in 1891, it remained in active service in the Winnipeg Fire Department until 1921. After being placed in reserve, it has remained in the fire department inventory until being turned over to the Firefighters Historical Society of Winnipeg in the early 1980's.

Hose Wagon No. 11

As the steamers, such as the Alex Logan, had no capacity to carry hose, they were accompanied by one or more hose wagons. Hose wagons were built by local wagon builders, and remained on the department roster for many years. Hose Wagon No. 11 is typical of the units acquired during the early 1900's. It was pulled by two horses, and carried approximately 1200 feet of hose. During the winter months, Winnipeg often has enormous amounts of snow. The wheels of the hose wagons were often replaced with sleigh runners, permitting them to glide through the streets.

In 1910, the city began replacing the horse-drawn hose wagons with motorized units. By 1929, all of the Winnipeg Fire Department's first line apparatus (units that have personnel assigned to them), were motorized. By 1935, Hose Wagon No. 11 was the last horse-drawn in the department's inventory, but the horses that pulled it, Bobbie and Rosie, had been sold to a farm the year before.

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